We started our own classical music PR department in 2015 due to an increased demand for high-quality PR services by our artists.

Rather than recommending other PR companies we decided to hire our own publicists, and with them undertake the key services musicians regularly need. These include press campaigns for CD releases,
one-off projects, long-term profile building, and reputation management. If you are looking for high-quality classical and contemporary music PR please contact us for a chat about your requirements. Read more...

We work with high profile musicians and organisations to aid them in their marketing activities.

Whether the goal is to help build a larger audience, offer more interesting content, implement a print advertising campaign, or simply supplement your own social media efforts to stimulate
more engagement from your followers, we are proud to offer bespoke marketing that delivers results. Read more...

Since launching in 2014 we have consulted on a wide range of design projects within the arts sector.

Whether digital or print, we make sure we work closely with clients to understand their audiences and messages for every piece of work we do. Whilst our expertise and knowledge in this area
undoubtedly lies within the arts sector, with a specialisation in music, we also work with clients from other sectors who value our approach to design. Read more...

Our directors have many years experience of managing large one-off projects, particularly in chamber music and contemporary music.

We have devised, fundraised and managed chamber music projects, commissioning and tours with budgets up to £60,000. We have good relationships with funders and a good feel for what is achievable.
We prefer to take on project management at the very beginning of projects when ideas are being crystallised. We find this gives the greatest chance of financial and critical success. Read more...

Bright Ivy provides artists with administrative, managerial and promotional support, allowing them the time and space they need to focus on what really matters – making music creatively.

We offer comprehensive services for artists including looking for concert bookings, artist promotion, fee negotiation, contracting, diary management and administrative support.
We use a bespoke database to make sure that every aspect of our artists' concert management is covered, from scheduling to contracting to inviting guests. Read more...

About Bright Ivy

Bright Ivy was founded in 2014 by Joel Garthwaite to provide creative and innovative artist management to classical and contemporary musicians and composers.

In 2015, Bright Ivy merged with Fourfortytwo Ltd, a chamber music agency founded in 2010 by Philip Venables. Under the new, larger Bright Ivy, Joel and Philip focus on bespoke artist management and providing a full range of marketing services for arts organisations and individuals.

From the outset Bright Ivy has worked with artists at all stages in their careers, focusing particularly on visual impact, online presence and marketing. In today's online world we recognise that, to be successful, artists must have technology at their disposal, whether that be to help publicise performances, provide stunning visual identity or to streamline concert management.

Having our design, marketing, and PR services in-house sets Bright Ivy apart from other management companies and creates the holistic approach that artists and arts organisations need to position themselves at the forefront of today's incredibly competitive marketplace.

"Phil and I wanted to make Bright Ivy a truly inclusive artist management and marketing provider. Bright Ivy will handle the usual things musicians expect from representation, allowing them to concentrate on the artistic side of their work rather than administration, but more importantly, we wanted to create an environment where artists can consult with us creatively about their work, brainstorm ideas and build strategies and have access to an experienced marketing team, all in one place."
Joel Garthwaite, Director of Marketing and Communications


Picture of Joel Garthwaite

Joel Garthwaite
Bright Ivy's founder and marketing director. Joel leads on all digital, communication and print marketing work for clients and is also responsible for promoting Bright Ivy and its services.

Picture of Philip Venables

Philip Venables
Following the 2014 merger between Bright Ivy and Fourfortytwo, Philip heads up the project management and special projects division of Bright Ivy, as well as being a company director.

Picture of Eleonora Claps

Eleonora Claps
Eleonora is Bright Ivy's Head of Media Relations. Her experience across classical, contemporary, jazz and world means she works on profile building and media coverage for all our clients.

Picture of Hanna Grzeskiewicz

Hanna Grzeskiewicz
Hanna looks after the day-to-day management of our chamber ensembles. She is responsible for looking after artists' concert engagements and liaising with promoters and festivals.